By | 28 October 2021

Location: Institute of Statistical, Social & Economic Research (ISSER)
University of Ghana
Duration: Fixed term for 3 years starting from January 3rd, and renewable every year
subject to satisfactory performance.


This post involves undertaking research for the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced grant-funded project, Making Africa Urban: The Transcalar Politics of Large-scale Urban development.

See the project website for further details: The project team members are located in Accra, Dar es Salaam, Lilongwe,
Johannesburg and London.

The successful applicant will work closely with the Ghana Principal Investigator (PI) Professor George Owusu and the overall project PI Professor Jennifer Robinson to develop a programme of urban research focusing on the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) within the framework of the ERC Grant, Making Africa Urban (MAU).


 In collaboration with Professor Owusu & Professor Robinson, design a programme of research that focuses on one or more transnational circuits of investments in GAMA.

 Identify and make contact with key informants and stakeholders in order to carry out the required programme of research.

 Organise and lead stakeholder and public workshops.

 Where possible, undertake visits to the selected case study sites in order to undertake in-person research and meet other team members.

 Record and safely store according to Data Protection rules interview materials, transcripts, documents and personal information for the purposes of research.

 Analyse data collected using team approved software.

This will include transcription of interviews, interpretation of observations and documentary analysis.

 Make an active contribution to individual and collaborative research outputs, publishing in internationally leading journals and other academic and public outlets.

 Contribute to the collection and analysis of data for the project research in collaboration with other relevant team members.

 Contribute to the dissemination of findings in appropriate academic and stakeholder settings.

 Maintain own continuing professional development and research.

 Any other duties and responsibilities to be assigned by the PI.


Please submit the following attachments along with your to Professor George Owusu ( and Professor Jennifer Robinson (

 Your full CV

 A 2-page statement, based on the information on the project website, about how your current research interests fit into the Making African Urban programme of research.

 A 2000 word research proposal (excluding references from the word count) on Accra dealing with at least one transnational circuit (developmental, sovereign, private), which would advance the overall goals of the project.

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