By | 14 December 2015

The Paths to Law School after High School

There are different paths to law, if you are studying in Ghana. We will refer to the law degree as the LLB.

A) Doing a law degree as an undergraduate.

B) Doing a non-law degree as an undergraduate, and then doing a second degree in law. (This second degree is not a post-graduate degree.

Both A and B will lead you to the Ghana School of Law.

Let us break it down now.

A – Undergraduate Law

1. The institutions that offer this are KNUST, GIMPA and Zenith College.

2. At KNUST, it is a 4-year degree. I believe it is also 4 years at GIMPA. I believe it is 2 years at Zenith College. Zenith is probably the most flexible because you can choose a module which works for you (2, 3 or 4 years to complete).

3. Zenith College is a peculiar case. You can do their LLB with your High School qualification or with a degree. With your High School qualification, you will have to be assessed by the University of London for your suitability. Further, you can study the LLB as either a diploma (for 4 years) or a degree (2, 3 or 4 years).

4. KNUST offers a hybrid programme, really. There are some students studying law as a second degree. They complete the LLB in 3 years.

B – Non-Law Degree First

1. If you go to the University of Ghana, you will have to do some other degree first. It could be the humanities or the sciences or anything between.

2. If you get a good grade, you may write exams for entry into the Faculty of Law.

3. If you do well enough in the exams, you may be called for an interview.

4. Those who impress in the interview get admitted.

Post LLB

Whichever path you take, after you obtain the LLB, you apply to the 2-year certificate programme of the Ghana School of Law. It is becoming increasingly competitive as it now has many feeder institutions.

Time frame

Depending on what path you choose, you could become a lawyer in 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 years (considering national service) after you leave High School