By | 5 February 2017

Steps to fill UENR online registration form

Click here and enter your details.

You will enter the

a) application number on the form,
b) your name
c) email (make sure this email belongs to you and you can access it)
b) your mobile number

Then click on save.  You will be sent an email. (Please check your spam if you do not see the email in your inbox)


  1. Log into your email and access your username and password.
  2. Follow the link in your email to login to the UENR ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM. You will be required to reset your password on your first login.
  3. Log in again with your new password.
  4. Click on new registration.
  5. Fill the new registration form.
  6. After submitting, print your details. In case of no printer, you can print your details later by logging in again from your email with your new password.


If you have problems filling the online registration form, please send us a mail at