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All Nations University University college Admission is ongoing

Dear Prospective Student,

Choosing a University is one of the most important decisions in a student’s life. All Nations University College welcomes students who want to make a difference in the lives of the echelon they touch, thus our slogan ANUC- Equipped for every good work! Excellence, integrity, tolerance, and diversity are the values which add force to the University’s operations and growth. Our success lies in our educational approach, one which values the intellectual, personal, professional and Spiritual development of students. Students are free to pursue their education and extra-curricular activities in a culturally diversified educational environment. Our students are of different age groups who come from different regions and backgrounds as well as different countries of the world. They bring a wide range of viewpoints, special interests, and talents to enrich our educational community.

The University Admissions Office facilitates the admission process. The office strictly observes the merit principle and addresses student’s genuine grievances through a systematized approach to ensure timely completion of admission process in a comprehensive manner. ANUC provides quality higher education that promotes development pursued in a Christian environment of truth and integrity in the fields of Engineering, Business and Humanities.

All Nations University Offers the following programmes:

Bachelor of Engineering (Oil and Gas )
Electronics & Communications Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical )
(Hons) Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer )
Biblical Studies with Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Business Administration in Human resource management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance
Bsc General Nursing (Joint Top up Programme with KNUST)

Diploma Programmes:

Diploma in Biblical Studies with Business Administration

This website is the best source of information about ANUC’s undergraduate admissions. But we realize that once in a while you’ll need a bit more help. In which case, don’t hesitate to reach out in one of these ways:


The Admissions Office

All Nations University College

P.O. Box KF 1908
Koforidua, Eastern Region




Admissions office.

All Nations University College

Koforidua, Eastern Region-Ghana

City Campus, opposite the Kumasi main station


+233503541863. +233262462586. +233578580418 +233242461215 | +233545212423
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