Unicaf 2020 Scholarship

By | January 14, 2020

Unicaf 2020 Scholarship Opportunities


Unicaf is the leading online and on-campus learning platform offering affordable, quality higher education to underserved markets.


Unicaf partners with UKUS, European and African universities to offer online and blended, quality higher education degree programmes to students in Africa and the world. Current partners include the Liverpool John Moores University (UK), University of Suffolk (UK), the University of California Riverside Extension (USA) and Unicaf University (Africa).

Unicaf operates campuses and learning centres throughout Africa, and has a physical presence in 12 African countries with plans to expand to additional countries in the near future.

Developing economies are not able to cope with increasing numbers of tertiary student enrolments and high costs of building brick and mortar institutions. Online and on-campus learning is the best possible solution to ensure that access to quality higher education is not limited by geographical location, tuition fees, or lack of access to academic resources.

With recent technological advances, online and on-campus education can be every bit as effective as traditional classroom teaching. Unicaf’s state-of-the-art platform and its expertise in the offering of quality education via flexible delivery models offers an exceptional student experience to students.

Unicaf Scholarship 2020

The Unicaf Scholarship Programme was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students the opportunity to further their education, by earning internationally recognised qualifications, at low cost, through online study, or through on-campus learning (only available for Unicaf University programmes).

If you are interested in a Unicaf Scholarship you can easily submit your application online.

Each scholarship application is examined and decided upon, depending on the qualifications and the financial situation of the applicant. Eligible students are awarded a percentage of scholarship.

Join thousands of students from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, and many other countries, who have earned their degrees with the help of the Unicaf Scholarship Programme.

Scholarship Eligibility

Unicaf considers candidates for a scholarship based on:

  • Academic qualifications:
    Candidates should meet  the entry requirements of the respective programme of study
  • Financial ability:
    Candidates should be in a position to pay the portion of the fees after the application of the Scholarship.
  • Country of residence:
    Different scholarships apply depending on the country of residence of the student.

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UNICAF Contact Details

General information

Old International Airport, 7130 Larnaca, Cyprus

Mailing address:
P.O.Box 42572, 6500 Larnaca, Cyprus

Telephone: + 357 24747500

Email: info@unicaf.org

Website: www.unicaf.org