UG Vacancy for Senior Level Administrative Position Pro Vice-Chancellor with Responsibility For Research, Innovation and Development

By | February 24, 2020

The University of Ghana invites application from suitably qualified persons for the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Research, Innovation and Development, which will become vacant on 1st August, 2020.

POSITIONPro Vice-Chancellor (Research Innovation and Development)
REPORTING TOVice-Chancellor


(a) Must be a Professor from an academic/research institution or a person from industry eligible for that position.

(b) Must be capable of providing academic leadership, especially in the areas of research, innovation and development in the University.

(c) Must provide evidence of managerial and administrative leadership and capacity to promote a collegial research environment in the University.

(d) Must demonstrate   capacity to understand students’ affairs.

(e) Must have the vision and the drive to oversee the growth of the University especially in the area of teaching and learning.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Research, Innovation and Development shall, under the Vice-Chancellor, have responsibility for:

1.  The development and implementation of the University’s research policy and guidelines;

2.  The promotion, facilitation and co-ordination of research activities in the University as a whole;

3.  Establishing operational systems for ethical clearance, as well as their monitoring and evaluation;

4.  Representing the interests of the University in contractual applications and reporting;

5.  Setting standards and ensuring effective dissemination of high-quality research output;

6.  Administering contract research;

7.  Promoting the development of faculty capability and capacity to deliver high-quality research output;

8.  Ensuring effective distribution and efficient use of research funds, in line with priority areas identified in the University’s strategic plan and national needs;

9.  The development of a fundraising strategy and to raise funds for research;

10.  Providing liaison between the University and funding agencies and broker strategic partnerships between such agencies and the University;

11. Facilitating the development of the University’s strategic plan, including business plans; and monitor implementation and delivery against set objectives and targets;

12. Promoting strategic partnerships between the University, other universities locally and abroad, relevant industries and business community;

13. The registration, protection, patenting and commercialisation of intellectual property; and

14. Absorbing the functions previously performed by the Research and Conferences Committee, Publications Committee, External Funds Office, Consultancy and the Research Administration Units.

A Pro Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for three years on terms and is eligible for re-appointment for a further term of up to three years.

An applicant is required to submit the complete application pack to the Registrar, University of Ghana, P. O. Box LG25, Legon, Accra, Ghana (Hard copy); or (Soft copy).

The application pack should contain the following:    

i.  Completed application form for Senior Level Administrative Positions (UAB Form 1C) to be downloaded from the University’s website at;

ii. An up to date Curriculum Vitae and copies of relevant academic and/or   professional certificates; and,

iii. A statement of about 2,500 words (not more than five pages) indicating how one intends to use the period in office to address relevant issues that will ensure that the University achieves its mission and vision. The UG strategic plan can be downloaded at

Further information about the University of Ghana may be found on the university website at

Only shortlisted applicants would be contacted.


Applications should reach the Registrar not later than the close of day on Monday, 9th March, 2020

28th January, 2020

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