UEW A Personal Accounting | Seminar by SACOST

By | Mar 22, 2023

 UEW A Personal Accounting | Seminar by SACOST

The Centre for School and Community Science and Technology Studies (SACOST) is inviting the University community to participate in an academic seminar scheduled as follows:

Event Date: 

Thursday, March 30, 2023


09:00 AM – 11:00 AM


North Assembly Hall, North Campus

Topic: Getting Published: A Personal Accounting

This session will focus on learning strategies, academic ropes and loops to ensure a successful publishing career for a young and upcoming scholar in academia. It is argued that publishing must be approached as an academic mentorship, a key to scholarly success and academic credibility in the eyes of our communities.  The session dwells on ways of cultivating skills for a successful publishing career, a hallmark of any academic scholar.

The effective teaching of mentorship in academic publications rests on shared experiences of senior/accomplished scholars who impact knowledge and experience on ways to climb the difficult ropes of developing an academic publishing career.

The session will cover such topics as ‘beginning a publishing career’, ‘developing an openness to knowledge’, ‘working with oppositional scholarship’, ‘searching for support networks’, ‘understanding the hierarchy of prestige in scholarly publishing’, ‘accessing credible publishing outlets’, ‘ways to deal with rejections’, ‘joys and challenges of collaborative writing’, as well as offering additional significant tips of publishing that coordinates requirements of teaching, research and field dissemination.

The session will cover distinctions between refereed journal publications, book publications (including sole/joint authored monograph or sole/joint edited collection), the academic writing and what makes for an excellent, cutting edge publication.  We conclude our discussion with ways of how a young scholar can sustaining a publishing career in academia.