UDS 4th Annual Conference

By | November 19, 2020

4th Annual Conference of the Ghana Association of Agricultural Economists, 2021.


Conference Announcement Extended Abstract Submission
Achieving the goals of agriculture as a major contributor to employment, poverty alleviation, food security, and nutrition as enshrined in the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 2, and 3 requires understanding of the drivers
of agricultural transformation. This involves moving from traditional low
productivity-based agriculture to modern production methods that are market- driven. The transformation process involves significant and sustained
investments in production, processing, storage, and marketing technologies as
well as critical infrastructure. In addition, the transformation of the food system
and the agricultural sector will reduce food losses and waste, ensure secure
and healthy food for the population, and thereby promote social equity, and
environmental sustainability through the use of climate-smart technologies and
practices which are consistent with SDG 13. It will also enhance the resilience
of the food system to shocks, including pandemics such as the COVID-19.
Keynote Presentations
Invited keynote presentations and panel discussion sessions include:


  1. Leveraging on agro-processing as a tool for agricultural transformation
  2. Which model supports sustainability; small, medium or large farms?
  3. Agricultural transformation; where should the focus be?
  4. Pandemics and the agri-food value chain: Lessons from Covid-19.
    The Local Organizing Committee, on behalf of the Association,
    invites researchers to submit Extended Abstracts of their papers
    for consideration and presentation at the Conference. Papers with
    emphasis on sustainable agricultural transformation are
    encouraged. Students are strongly encouraged to submit their
    extended abstracts for consideration. Outstanding students’ papers
    might receive awards. All abstracts submitted for Conference Presentations will be
    reviewed and, if accepted, presenters will be required to submit full
    Important Dates for extended abstract and papers submission
    and consideration
    Item Date
    Call for Extended Abstracts 1
    st November, 2020
    Abstract Submission Deadline 26
    th February, 2021
    Decision on Abstract/Posters 26
    th March, 2021
    Deadline for Full Paper
    th May, 2021
    Decision on Full Papers (Oral
    and Poster Presentations)
    th June, 2021
    GAAE Conference 4
    th – 7
    th August, 2021
    Mentoring Session for Early
    Career Academics and
    th August, 2021
    All abstracts should be submitted to:
    gaae 2020 conference@gmail.com/
    gaae 2020 conference@yahoo.com
    Research Teams or Institutions who would like to organise panel
    sessions on special topic(s) may submit same for consideration. Submission deadline for special topic is March 15, 2021. Decision on special topics: April 30, 2021. Other Important Date(s):
    Details of Conference programme would be available in May, 2021. The structure for extended abstract:
    Title of Paper
    Abstract (200 words max.)
    Key words (5 keys max.)
    Introduction (100-250 words max.)
    Methodology (100-250 words max.)
    Results (100-250 words max.)
    Discussion and Conclusion (100-250 words max.)
    Please note that all authors who submitted abstracts for GAAE 2020
    are entreated to re-submit their abstracts. For enquiries on the Call, please contact:
    Conference Convener: Prof. Irene S. Egyir (iegyir@ug.edu.gh)
    LOC Chair: Dr. Joseph A. Awuni (aawuni@uds.edu.gh)
    LOC Member: Dr. Sylvester Ayambila (sayambila@uds.edu.gh)
    LOC Member: Dr. Osman Damba (otahidu@uds.edu.gh)
    We look forward to meeting you and networking in Tamale

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