UCC Matriculates 2019/2020 Sandwich Students

By | August 20, 2020

A total of 1,859 students have been admitted by the University to pursue various programmes both at undergraduate and graduate levels via the Sandwich mode.
The number is made up of 559 undergraduates and 1,300 postgraduate students.

This was announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Johnson Nyarko Boampong, during a matriculation ceremony for Sandwich students on campus.

UCC’s Environment
In his address, Prof. Boampong said the University has always provided an environment that exposed students to an entertaining and a wide-range of learning experiences. “Our lecturers, scholars and researchers are not only here to help you obtain that prestigious and enviable University of Cape Coast degree, but also to help expand your understanding of society and the world, at large” and asked them to feel proud of being part of this academic environment.

Extolling the virtues of the University, Prof. Boampong noted that, the University did not only pride itself in training students in academic work but also was concerned with moulding their character so that upon graduation the student would be ready to be a responsible citizen to contribute to national development in a patriotic and result-oriented manner. “Our hope is that you will imbibe the virtues of self-discipline, self-care, good mode of dressing, fidelity to your studies and work, and general comportment before you graduate from this University”, he added.

Freedom and Responsibility
The Vice-Chancellor reminded the matriculants that “The University is a place where you enjoy a lot of freedoms, but that freedom often comes with some corresponding obligations. Here your freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins”. “So not only must you protect your rights, privileges and freedoms, you must also ensure that you do not trample on the rights and freedoms of others”, he said.


Rules and Regulations
On rules and regulations, the Vice-Chancellor said the University like any other university, has rules and regulations but were not meant to punish them rather ensure that there was order and harmony in the University and also to make their stay on campus enjoyable. Continuing, he said that the University would continue to maintain zero tolerance for all anti-social behaviours such as cultism, examination malpractices, hooliganism, prostitution and other vices. “The University has enjoyed relative peace over the years and, therefore, you are advised to keep the matriculation oath and stay away from any activities that will constitute a threat to the peace of this noble institution”, he admonished them. He said the University as an institution was committed to helping them achieve their dreams and should, therefore, study hard and adhered to the rule and regulations contained in the student’s handbooks.

Turning to COVID-19, he said the pandemic had rendered today’s world as has never been seen before, anticipated or planned for. Again, he said the foundation of all societal institutions had changed completely and for that matter, the conduct of tertiary education had no other option than to undergo several reforms to survive. “We may never go back to the system you were most acquainted with; you, therefore, have to brace yourselves for enormous novel challenges. We encourage you to continue to observe the COVID-19 protocols and measures put in place to stay safe”, he concluded.


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