Nuclear Regulatory Authority NRA – Ghana

By | May 4, 2016

Nuclear Regulatory Authority NRA

The general public is hereby informed that the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) established by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority Act, 2015 (Act 895) has replaced the Radiation Protection Board of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

The mandate of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority is to regulate and control activities and practices involved in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and radiation under the jurisdiction  of Ghana, including the production, possession, use, import, transportation, transfer, handling and management of radioactive materials, decommissioning or other related activity or practice identified by the Authority.

The general public is advised to take note of the corporate logo of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

Users of ionising and non-ionising radiations are to note that in accordance with the NRA Act, 2015 (Act 895):

  1. All users of ionising and non-ionising radiation are required to register with the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.
  1. Any individual or organisation that intends to acquire, store, install or use an irradiating device or radioactive material shall complete a notification form for the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and indicate the purpose for which the irradiating device or radioactive material is required.
  1. An authorisation shall be obtained from the NRA for the design and construction of any building or facility where a radiation emitting device or radioactive material is to be stored, installed or used.
  1. An authorisation shall be obtained from the NRA to own, purchase, manufacture, acquire, use, store, import, export, transport, dispose of, sell or deal in any kind of irradiating device or radioactive material.
  1. Any material (food or industrial raw material), equipment or technology to be imported or exported shall pass a contamination test to be certified for public consumption.

All unexpired licenses obtained from the Radiation Protection Board before January 14, 2016 remain valid until they expire.


The following service providers are required by the NRA Act 2015 (Act 895) to obtain accreditation / authorization from the NRA for the services they provide:

  1. Dosimetry service providers
  2. Calibration services for radiation monitoring instruments
  3. Certification for training of Occupationally Exposed Workers (OEWs)
  4. Operators of Nuclear Research Reactors and other nuclear facilities
  5. Repair, modification and maintenance service providers of a facility that employs ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  6. Qualified experts
  7. Export of radioactive waste
  8. Sale of radiation emitting equipment

Users are advised to comply with the provisions of the NRA Act, 2015 (Act 895) to avoid facing legal actions.

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority is located on the premises of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (behind the Atomic Police Station) and its address is as follows:

The Director-General

Nuclear Regulatory Authority

Houses 1 & 2, Neutron Avenue

P.O. Box AE 50

Atomic Energy



Tel: 0303965928 or 0303967706