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The Centre for Business Development and Consultancy Services of Kumasi Technical University is pleased to announce the Short Courses for 2020/2021 academic year. The courses will be run in May/Sept, 2021. The courses are specially designed to equip participants with skills to enable them to solve problems in their areas of endeavors. They are mainly designed for Professionals, Small Business Owners, Managers, Administrators, Policy Makers, Supervisors, District Assemblies, NGOs, State Agencies, Students and the general public. Certificates of participation will be awarded to participants. 

CBD 001: Industrial Health, Safety and Loss Prevention

Course Description/Content

Modern organizations play good role by implementing safety approaches or strategies to ensure positive outcomes or presence of safety in their sociotechnical systems, nonetheless, lack of cognitive and behavior capabilities of individuals, teams or groups and organization would lead to poor implementation of these approaches. As a result the course has been constructed to equip delegates in statistical data on industrial accidents, health and safety legislations and standards, safety sciences and industrial hygiene, risk assessment, accidents investigation, safe storage procedure and emergency response and planning and safety management systems

Relevant industry standards:  ISO 45001

Objective: to equip participants with the principles of safety and loss prevention thus helping them to prevent industrial risks.

Target Group

  1. Holders of Higher National Diploma or equivalent
  2. Holders of Bachelor degree e.g. BSc, BA, BTech etc.
  3. Holders of Master or  Doctor degree

Duration         :  56 hours (14 days)
Date                :  May 24 –June 8, 2021

Course Fee     :  GH¢1,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 267.83 (check page 4 for payment options)
Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching

Contact           : Engr. Philip Ansah (0548956578) or 

CBD 002: Occupational Health and Safety Engineering and Management

Description of course:

The competence, training and education of employees in any organization play a pivotal role for a successful management of health and safety risks. The course is tailored for all professionals who intend to occupy or assigned at least supervisory role in various industry including mining, oil and gas, construction, health, academia and consultancy. The course is structured into 3 stages. The first stage focuses on health and safety legislations and standards, safety sciences and industrial hygiene, risk assessment, accidents investigation, safe storage procedure and emergency response and planning. The second stage is formulated from safety engineering standards, safety equipment and systems operation and management. The third stage is on implementation of occupational health and safety (OHS) management modes; management system models such as ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ILO OHSMS guideline etc. and Resilience Engineering approach. Fundamentally, the course will prepare the professionals to acquire competencies to identify health and safety risks at multiple working sites and apply sound practices including engineering to eliminate or reduce the risks to acceptable levels, to operate and manage safety equipment and systems and finally to design, implement and maintain processes, procedures and methods to meet organization’s health and safety policy and objectives.

Relevant industry standards:  ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, NFPA OSHA, BSI

Target Group

Holders of Higher National Diploma or equivalent

Holders of Bachelor degree e.g. BSc, BA, BTech etc.

Holders of Master or Doctorate degree

Duration         : 112 hours (28 days)

Date                : June 14 – July 15, 2021

Fees     : GhC 2,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 441.74 (check page 4 for payment options)

Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching

Resource person        : Engr. Philip Ansah (0548956578), 

CBD 003: Process Safety Engineering and Management

Course Description:

Process safety engineering and management system course prepares participants to apply safety risks assessment methodology such as HAZOP, HAZID, FTA, checklist and what if to identify material, equipment and process hazards, evaluate hazards and provide solutions to control potential risks in processing and manufacturing processes (new or existing). Another key aspect is to also prepare delegates to apply sciences, mathematics and engineering principles to design process safety equipment and systems such as pressure relief valves, cyclone, scrubber, vapour extraction, stack and flare, condensers, flash drum, water sprinklers, fire hydrant, fire alarm, portable fire extinguishers, reel hose, etc. Actually the course is designed to include health and safety sciences, safety equipment and systems operation and management, health and safety laws, regulations and codes and occupational health and safety management system implementation.

Relevant industry standards: ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, OSHA PSM, ASME codes, NFPA, etc.

Target group

Holders of at least BTech or BSc in fields such as engineering sciences, biological, chemical and physical sciences

Duration         : 160 hours (40 days)
Course Fee     :  GH¢ 4,540.00 or equivalent of US$ 789.57 (check page 4 for payment options)
Date                :  July 26 – Sept 9, 2021.

Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching
Contact person          : Eng. Philip Ansah (0548956578)

Prof. Robert D. Nagre (0243419741), 

CBD 005: Risk Management System Approach for COVID-19 Safety Protocols Improvement

COVID- 19 Pandemic has brought about negative impacts to the global economy. Many people have died, some have recovered from this deadly and yet some of those who have recovered from this disease are still with residual health challenges. Ghana is one of countries that received applause from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding performance in managing the Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) risks at its early stages. However, it appears that the situation is getting out of our hands in this era i.e. the second wave. Ineffective implementation of COVID-19 protocols at various levels could be an underlying factor that has contributed to a new wave of the disease in 2021. For organizations including schools, markets centers and health care facilities to maintain their high performance in COVID-19 management, top management or leadership is required to demonstrate commitment through establishment, implementation and maintenance of COVID-19 protocols or processes. This management approach in places of mass gathering like schools, churches, markets, etc. where COVID-19 risk could be significantly high, effective implementation would help them to improve their performance in managing COVID-19 spread. This is feed into the national performance in the management of the pandemic and thereby reduce the negative consequences on the population.

Duration         : 56 hours (14 days)
Date                :  May 4 – 19, 2021

Course Fee     :  GH¢ 3,540.00 equivalent of US$ 615.65 (check page 4 for payment options)
Mode of Delivery       : Virtual Teaching

Contact person          : Eng. Philip Ansah (0548956578)

Dr. Nathasha Asamoah. 

Target group

The course is designed to build the capacity of leadership of organizations including government (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) and local government institutions (metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies), religious institutions, and managers of facilities such as markets, shopping malls and lorry terminals to equip them with skills and knowledge in risk management system to enable them respond to the resurgence in COVID-19 and minimise its threat to Ghana.

The schedule for face-face option shall be announced later. All those interested in residential can contact us:

The Head,

Centre for Business Dev’t and Consultancy Services

Kumasi Technical University

Box KS 854, Kumasi

+233 269614400/ 577756669,

Mode of Payment

Applicants can make payment of the course participation fee through bank, mobile money or cash. Find below the details for each option:

1. Bank

Bank: Zenith Bank

Account #: 6010511321

Branch:  Ahodwo Kumasi

2. Mobile Money

MTN MoMo Account

MTN #: 024 1 171 726

Account Name: Isaac Francis Antwi

Kumasi Technical University

3. Cash

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