DVLA Pre Registration Of Vehicles On E-Platform

By | January 15, 2021
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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) will from January 4, 2021 continue the use of the electronic platform for the registration of vehicles.

This is to ensure that the time spent at the DVLA is reduced drastically to prevent overcrowding and by extension protect customers from being infected with COVID-19. 

In respect of this, vehicle owners who wish to register their vehicles in 2021 are encouraged to use the period from now up to the end of December, 2020 for a pre-registration exercise by following the procedure spelt out below to be issued with a new vehicle registration document.

1. Present vehicle to the Private Vehicle Test Station (PVTS) for inspection

2. Present vehicle to DVLA for customs clearance and release, technical inspection and identity check

3. DVLA officer will select the appropriate vehicle category and generate an invoice

4. Make payment at the DVLA office from January 4, 2021

5. Undergo bio-metric capture at DVLA office

6. A new registration document (Certificate of title, Vehicle Smart Card), number plate and other documents would be issued. 

Only vehicles that have gone through the above pre-registration process will be registered during the annual mass registration of vehicles in early 2020. 

Customers will be expected to provide their Tax Identification Number (TIN) as a prerequisite for the registration process.

The Authority urges vehicle owners to desist from relying on middlemen, popularly known as “goro boys”, to avoid being swindled. 


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