2018 Scholarship Offer : 2018 GEAAA Prof. Nicholas Kumapley Scholarship Scheme

2018 Scholarship Offer : 2018 GEAAA Prof. Nicholas Kumapley Scholarship Scheme

Award Description

The Scholarship Award was created to honor the legacy of the Late Professor Nicholas Kumapley of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

Professor Kumapley made great contributions in teaching and mentoring students and young professionals who pursue engineering and science as a profession.

The scholarship awards are given by GEAAA annually to engineering, architectural and mathematics/science students who demonstrate excellent academic performance/innovation.


The goal is to encourage Ghanaian students worldwide to pursue academic careers in Engineering, Architecture, Science, Mathematics & Technology to help improve the quality of life & economic growth of Africa.

Amount of Scholarship Awards: US$ 200 to U$500


  1. Be a University or Polytechnic Student (Undergraduate or Post-Graduate) with a major in Engineering, Architecture, Science or Mathematics
  2. Must demonstrate high academic achievement in Engineering, Architecture, or Mathematics/Science
  3. Be planning a career in Engineering, Architecture or Mathematics/Science
  4. Must demonstrate strong interest in developing concepts that contribute towards solutions to technological challenges in Africa.

Procedure for Application

  1. Complete attached Application Form
  2. Narrative/Essay (350-400 words) A description of research, or other interest as it contributes to the goals of the Scholarship Fund. Explain what motivated you to choose a career path in Engineering, Architecture or Mathematics/Science
  3. Resume /Curriculum Vitae

In not more than 1 page indicate the following:

  • Education (University, Secondary, Technical Schools attended & degrees/diploma or other certificate received, if any)
  • Professional or other Certification received, or honors awarded, if any
  • Professional Associations/Affiliations, if any
  • Technical Publications and/or Projects, if any
  1. Academic Transcripts from a Tertiary Institution or Proof of Admission into a Tertiary Institution
  2. A letter of recommendation from individual in supervisory position
  3. Submit Application and all Supporting Documents to info@geaaa.us


Scholarship Schedule

Awardees will be notified not later than NOVEMBER 30, 2018