Regional Maritime University School Of Engineering

Regional Maritime University School Of Engineering


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Engineering based maritime education and training that matches modern technologies and innovations in shipboard operations on merchant ships and in fishing vessels and allied industries.

 Benefits to you

  • You will be equipped to aspire to Engineering or managerial positions onboard merchant ships or shore-based institutions;
  • Learn about the whole spectrum of engineering activity hands-on and be enabled to apply engineering principles in the solution of problems;
  • Gain adequate scientific and technological skills to cope with modern innovations in the maritime industry;
  • Gain an academic qualification providing opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction

What is covered?

  • Electrical, Mechanical and Naval Engineering;
  • Engineering Principles and Practices;
  • Principles of Management;
  • Law;
  • Workshop Technology,
  • Seamanship, etc.



Competency based course to equip graduates to man fully automated and unmanned machinery spaces, electrical/electronic systems on board modern ships and on-shore. Theories and supported with dynamic demonstrations in ICT technologies.

 Benefits to you

  • You will be eligible for employment as sea-going or shore-based officer and as an electrical engineer in reputable organizations worldwide that deal with hydro-electric power, broadcasting, aviation, and manufacturing, among others.
  • You will be equipped with knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to meet the challenges of time.
  • You will be prepared for a career in the maritime industry as electro-technical officer.
  • Gain an academic qualification providing opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction.


What is covered?

  • Engineering Science;
  • Electronics;
  • Electrical Engineering;
  • Computer Studies; Telecommunications;
  • Seamanship;
  • Principles of Management; Law, etc.


The ICT industry is emerging as one of the largest global industries with the potential to absorb large numbers of suitably qualified people in the West African sub-region.  The course equips graduates with the requisite hardware and software skills to enable them design, commission and manage complex ICT projects in office and industrial automation.


Benefits to you

Find ready employment in the Banks, Civil Service, Utilities, Manufacturing Industries etc.

Gain an academic qualification providing opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction.

What is covered?

  • Information Technology;
  • Mathematics;
  • Digital Electronics;
  • Communication Engineering;
  • Advanced Computer Architecture;
  • Data Base Internet Management, etc.

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