Ho Polytechnic

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started in 1968

Ho polytechnic started in 1968 as a technical institute with the primary goal of providing pre-technical education

1972 Courses Upgrade

. By 1972, the Institute made tremendous progress and upgraded its courses

1986 – 1993 Polytechnic Upgrade

In 1986, Ho polytechnic was upgraded into a Polytechnic. However, it was not until 1993 that it got full backing of the law (Polytechnic Law 321) to become a fully-fledged tertiary institution, charged with the responsibility of training students to the Higher National Diploma (HND) and Degree Levels.

Programmes Offered At Ho Polytechnic
HND-SEC HND Secretaryship and Management 3years
HND-PS HND Purchasing and Supply 3years
HND-OG HND Oil and Gaz 3yrs
HND-MEC HND Mechanical Engineering 3yrs
HND-STAT HND Mathematics and Statistics 3yrs
HND-MKT HND Marketing 3yrs
HND-IA HND Industrial Arts 3yrs
HND-HCM HND Hospitality and Tourism Management 3yrs
HND-FS HND Fashion and Design 3yrs
HND-BT HND Building and Technology 3yrs
HND-BF HND Banking and Finance
HND-AT HND Automobile and Production 3yrs
HND-AGRO HND Agro Enterprise Development 3yrs
HND-AGE HND Agricultural Engineering 3yrs
HND-ACT HND Accountancy 3yrs
BTECH-HCM B.Tech, Hospitality and Tourism Management 2yrs
BTECH-AE B.Tech, Automobile Engineering 2yrs
BTECH-AGRIC B.Tech, Agricultural Engineering 2yrs
PDSM Professional Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management 2yrs
Masters in Automobile Engineering
Masters in Agric Engineering